Salvo Parts

Salvo maintains a full line of replacement parts for their attachments as well as a few parts for other manufacturer’s attachments.

When ordering replacement parts, please refer to the Parts List below and if necessary, our Parts Drawing under the Technical section of this Website. Be sure to specify Quantity, Part Name, Part #, Model of Attachment, and Serial #.

You may contact us by Phone: 810-346-2727, Fax: 810-346-2616, or E-mail:

B-1 Block 1  
B-1A Wear Plate 1  
B-2 Sub plate 1  
B-3 Snap Ring 1  
B-4 Retainer Cap 1  
B-5 Idler Gears 2  
B-6 Adjusting Gears 1  
B-7 Roll Pin Retaining Screw 2  
B-8 Gear Plate 1  
B-9 Micro Adjusting Plug 1  
B-10 Stop Block 1  
B-11 Jam Nut 1  
B-12 Stop Screw 1  
B-13 Mounting screw 2  
B-14 Micro Plug Adjusting Screw 1  
B-15 Idler Gear Shoulder Screw 2  
B-16 Dowel Pin 2  
B-17 Plate to Block Tie Screw 2 None Req’d for CBL*
B-18 Roll Pin Adjusting Screw 2  
B-19 Carbide Roll Pin 2  
B-19A High Speed Steel Roll Pin 2  
B-20/B-25 Eccentric Pin Bushing 2 None Req’d for BBP
B-20A/B-25A Concentric Pin Bushing 2  
B-21 Thrust Washer 1  
B-22 Drive Gear 2  
B-23 Chip Guard 2  
B-24 Lapped Thread Roll Dies per Specification 2 For use with part #B-19
B-24A Bushed Thread Roll Dies per Specification 2 For use with part #B-19A
B-26 Roll Pin Adjusting Screw 2  
B-27 Bushing Index Locator Screw 2  


Placing an order with Salvo is easy. There are several ways to place an order. Check out our ordering page for more details. Be sure to include a full description of the product you are ordering.