Many times a special stroke is required for certain threads in order to clear the index of the machine with the attachment. The proper cam will ensure your rolls perform to their maximum potential. Salvo can design thread roll cams for most machines. If you provide us with the following information, we can send you the specifications of the cam that you would need.

• R.P.M. (Spindle Speed)
• Cycle Time
• Thread Size
• Holder Model
• Type of Material
• Make, Model, Serial number, & Position in Machine

Salvo can design & manufacture Serration, Spline & Knurl Rolls for standard or special applications. Salvo also designs rolls for rolling machines and other manufacturer’s holders
Salvo can design & manufacture rolls to produce Oil Grooves or Worms to your print or specifications. If you do not have exact design specifications, tell us what you need to accomplish and we can take it from there. Salvo also designs rolls for rolling machines and other manufacturer’s holders.
Salvo can design & manufacture Burnishing Rolls for straight or form burnishing in straddle attachments as well as in rolling machines. Salvo also designs rolls for other manufacturer’s holders.
By utilizing special cam and thread design, Salvo can make suggestions on your machine layout that will help to drop your part off complete.


Placing an order with Salvo is easy. There are several ways to place an order. Check out our ordering page for more details. Be sure to include a full description of the product you are ordering.