Salvo Tool repairs all models of Salvo Attachments and Adapters. We offer two classes of repair:

• First class
• Functional

First class repair returns your attachment to a “like new” condition.

Functional repair returns your holder to a working condition without the cosmetic repairs.

For further information please contact Salvo Tool & Engineering.

For an estimate on your repair please send your attachment to:

Salvo Tool & Engineering
3948 Burnsline Road
Brown City, MI 48416

Salvo can re-bush or re-lap your Thread Rolls.

Generally a re-bush or re-lap for will cost less than 10% of the cost of a new set of rolls and has a quicker turn around time.

A re-bush includes a Tempering Operation as well as an inspection of the thread form. Any nicks or abrasions (within reason) are removed.

Non-bushed rolls have the I.D. re-lapped, a Tempering Operation and an inspection of the thread form. Any nicks or abrasions (within reason) are removed.

Gears can be re-bushed. Salvo can re-bush your gears and turn them around in a couple of days, or we can sell you the bronze bushing blanks for you to re-bush them.

Carbide Pins can be re-lapped at a fraction of the cost of new assuming that the pits and scratches are not too deep.

**Please note that if a Carbide Pin has been galled, it must be re-lapped to remove the galled material or the pin will gall in the same area. (GALLED MATERIAL CANNOT BE SANDED OR POLISHED OFF.)**

Salvo also maintains a full line of replacement parts for their attachments as well as a few parts for other manufacturer’s attachments.


Placing an order with Salvo is easy. There are several ways to place an order. Check out our ordering page for more details. Be sure to include a full description of the product you are ordering.