Salvo Adapters

Salvo Tool designs and builds many different rolling attachments for many different machines and jobs. If we do not have a model to cover your job on your machine, we can design and build the equipment that you need in a reasonable length of time.

Let us give you a quote. Send us a print & the machine (domestic or import) and position that you wish to use and we will send you a quote.

You may contact us by Phone: 810-346-2727, Fax: 810-346-2616, or E-mail:

Below are examples of a few of Salvo’s Holder and Adapter Set-ups:

CDL Adapter with a Salvo DBL Attachment

Example of a Salvo #312 CDL Adapter shown with a Salvo DBL Attachment to be used on a New Britain Machine.


Example of a Salvo #312 BAR Adapter shown with a Salvo CBL* Attachment to be used on a small Acme Machine.


Placing an order with Salvo is easy. There are several ways to place an order. Check out our ordering page for more details. Be sure to include a full description of the product you are ordering.